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Other Name: Intermediate Super Abrasion Furnace Black-high structure(New technol...

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Other Name: Intermediate Super Abrasion Furnace Black-high structure(New technology);ISAF-HS(New technology)

Physical & Chemical Properties: Carbon black N234, compared to other grades of N220 series, has higher structure, higher abrasion. Its iodine adsorption value is 120g/kg, and DBP adsorption is 125cm3/100g.     

Application: Carbon black N234 is used in the tread compounds of high speed tire and high performance rubber products.   

Performance Features    

•              Moderately high reinforcement    

•              Moderate modulus    

•              Good Processing     


Typical Applications    

•               Passenger and truck tire tread    

•               Conveyor belt covers    

•               Rubber footwear    

•               Cable    

•               Rubber products    

•               Ink    

•              Coating    

•               Plastic    

•               Printing & Dyeing

Test ItemsUnitIndex
Iodine Adsorption Numberg/kg120±5
Oil absorption Number(OAN)10-5m3/kg125±5
Crushed OAN (COAN)10-5m3/kg97-107
CTAB absorption surface Area-N2103m2/kg113-125
Tint Test, Reflectance From ITRB%118-128
Moisture, Bulk& Bag (as shipped)%2.0
Ash content%0.5
45μm Sieve residue%0.05
(Note l)(25g,No.120 US Std Sieve)

Pour densitykg/m3320±40
300% stretching stress (SRB7#)Mpa‘-0.1±1.0

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