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Other Name: Intermediate Super Abrasion Furnace Black; ISAFPhysical & Chemical P...

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Other Name: Intermediate Super Abrasion Furnace Black; ISAF

Physical & Chemical Properties: Carbon black N220 with high re-enforcement property is a widely used furnace black. It has high structure, and its abrasion is between those of super abrasion furnace black and high abrasion furnace black. Its iodine adsorption value is 121g/kg, and DBP adsorption is 114cm3/100g.        

Application: Carbon black N220 is used in tread compounds of truck tire, passenger tire and high strength high abrasion rubber products, such as high strength conveyor belt and industrial rubber articles etc.        


Performance Features        

•               High reinforcement        

•               High Tear Resistance        

•               Good Processing Characteristics        


Typical Applications        

•               Passenger and truck tire tread        

•               Conveyor belt covers        

•               Hose        

•               Cots        

•               Rubber footwear        

•               Cable        

•               Rubber products        

•               Ink        

•               Coating        

•               Plastic        

•               Printing & Dyeing 

Test ItemsUnitIndex
Iodine Adsorption Numberg/kg121±5
Oil absorption Number(OAN)10-5m3/kg114±5
Crushed OAN (COAN)10-5m3/kg93-103
CTAB absorption surface Area-N2103m2/kg105-117
Tint Test, Reflectance From ITRB%111-121
Moisture, Bulk& Bag (as shipped)%2.0
Ash content%0.5
45μm Sieve residue%0.05
(Note l)(25g,No.120 US Std Sieve)

Pour densitykg/m3355±40
300% stretching stress (SRB7#)Mpa‘-2.0±1.0


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